Permanent make up is an exciting non-surgical technique used to add colour and definition to the brow, lip and eye areas.  Each enhancement is created by feathering tiny particles of inert pigment under the skin helping to achieve a look similar to that of perfectly applied make up but which will not wash or rub off meaning the results will continue to look great day after day.  This allows for a safe, effective and long lasting method of defining the facial features.  The results which can be achieved range from the very subtlest of enhancements through to a dramatic look so whatever your life style or preferences there will be something to suit everyone.

People often fear that permanent makeup will look too artificial but with Lasting Perfection's innovative application techniques you can be guaranteed a fresh, natural looking enhancement through the use of luxurious tints and beautifully sheer colours.  We do not feel that permanent make up should be used to mask your features but instead we use it to accentuate your natural beauty.  As a result our philosophy is based around the use of soft feathering techniques to create delicate hair-strokes through the brows, subtle contouring of the lips and soft smoky eyeliners.