To Contour & Volumise

Full plump rosy lips instantly conjure up an image of youth, vitality and sensuality.  Yet as we age we tend to lose this fullness, small lines can start to appear close to the lip line and where once full bodied colour used to be this colour can start to fade inwards towards the centre of the lip.  Many people are also self-conscious of their mouths as they suffer from scars through the lip line often as a result of a previous injury or cold sore outbreak.   Others simply have lips which are slightly asymmetrical. 

While lip liners, glosses and lip sticks go some way to help us re-capture this lost definition and colour, traditional cosmetics often require frequent re-application, a process which soon becomes tiresome. 

But why should anyone have to suffer with anything but a perfect pout?

Permanent make up offers a unique way of helping you regain the confidence of sexy youthful lips.  Whether you are looking to achieve that perfect shape by defining the edge of the lip or give your lips back a healthy appearance by adding a wash of rich colour, your lips should be a perfect staple that helps you look and feel great.

Lip Contour, Lip Blushes & Luxurious Full Lip Colours

We offer four distinct options to beautify your mouth and will help recommend the right treatment for you depending on your preferred look.

For a very discrete finish many people opt for a delicate lip liner in a soft baby pink.  This can help to volumise the lips by re-emphasising the lip border, adding just enough colour to result in a subtle yet crisp finish: A timeless classic.

For a more noticeable enhancement a slightly fuller line can be used.  This helps to contour the lip giving a polished look similar to that achieved with traditional cosmetic pencils. 

For a truly volumised pout a lip blush can be created.  This provides emphasis to the lip border with a crisp lip line.  The pigment is then graduated into the middle of the lip to produce a soft feathered haze of colour. 

A full lip colour can also be achieved by placing a hint of colour across the entire lip giving the illusion of just bitten lips which look naturally full and just kissed.